Vikas Vidyaniketan
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, AFF No:130178

Life at VIKAS

Student-life is not merely work. Here a student will live and study amidst lively and supportive community.

VIKAS campus has a pleasant environment complimented by high standard infrastructure and is located at an easily identifiable place.

At Vikas, one can find a spirit of freedom that wishes to win and challenge and a spirit of friendliness, making it a place where every parent would wish his/her child should be in.

Student welfare is the main concern of every person working at VIKAS. There are number of people attending to the curricular and personal needs of the students round the clock.

This is one of the reasons why parents express their gratitude to the management at every parents' meet.


A place of equality, a place that is a near substitute to home, a place that is safe and secure. The hostel provides a student the best environment to study and relax.

There is a constant availability of faculty to clarify doubts at any time, wardens and co-ordinators to monitor the discipline and medical practitioners visit frequently to take care of the health of every student.